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We Support the Kenyan farmer. We Support Women and their families. We create opportunities for our stakeholders. The dream for many African families is to Educate their children and put food on the table. Our mission is to create sustainable monetary avenues for the less priviledged. We work with a Network of farmers (outgrowers) in addition to our own farms. We endeavour to maintain high standards.

Our farm products are the wide spectrum of vegetables and fruits. This ranges from snow peas, sugar snaps, extra fine beans, corn, birds eye chillies, passion fruits and mangos.

Nugreen offers competitive prices for top quality farm produce.

We have a wide network of highly experienced Agronomists, Quality and compliance personnel, logistics and packaging experts. We are able to deliver fresh produce timely meeting all EU and Global GAP quality requirements. We have been in this Business for at least 10 years, working with other experienced exporters and delivering the best!

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